Do iPads Emit EMF Radiation?

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iPads were first released in April of 2010. Since then, over 300 million iPads have been sold, and it is far and away the most popular tablet in the world. IPads are so popular in fact, that a young boy in China once sold his kidney, just to buy an iPad and an iPhone. Schools are beginning to give them out to children to work on, parents are increasingly handing them to their kids as a distraction, and they are becoming less expensive and more powerful by the day.

The problem with iPads, is that they give off a large amount of EMF radiation, let me walk you through it.

Do iPads Emit Radiation?

Like most tablets available today, iPads emit Radio Frequency in order to maintain Wifi connect, and connect with local cell towers if they are cell network enabled. iPads, much like cell phones, are constantly emitting radiation as they maintain connection, download updates, receive news alerts, app updates, weather alerts, etc. All of this requires a constant connection, which results in nonstop EMF radiation being emitted.

All the time, your iPad is emitting radiation, but the levels are most concerning when you are actively using it. Whether you are talking via Facetime, playing a game, watching a movie, or just about anything else, the radiation being emitted is increased as the phone receives data via wifi or cellular connection.

Consistant exposure to EMF radiation, sometimes called EMR, has constantly shown to cause all kinds of symptoms and health issues.

Common symptoms of EMF radiation exposure are:
  • Fatique – Most recognizable is fatigue even after what seemed like a full, or rest-full nights sleep, or fatigue that persists through the day.
  • Trouble Sleeping – This one is extremely common, as peoples bedrooms have become a hotbed for EMF radiation. From cell-phones next to the bed, metal spring mattresses acting as antennas, to dirty electricity, EMF radiation while we sleep is extremely common. In fact I wrote a whole article about how to rid your bedroom of EMFs and finally get a restful nights sleep, check it out here.
  • Tinnitus – More commonly known as just ringing in the ears, it doesn’t always present as a ringing. Tinnitus is defined as the hearing of a consistent sound when no such external sound is present, and can actually present as a hissing, a clicking, a roaring, or a number of other sounds. This is common with severe Electo-hypersensitivity.
  • Brain Fog – or cognitive decline, it is noticeable when you feel that your memory has been declining, or you’re having trouble recalling names, or places or events. It is also noticeable if you are having a tough time concentrating. Some scientists believe that the dramatic rise in Alzheimers Disease can be partially attributed to EMF damage and our wireless age. A study conducted at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health found that the number of individuals suffering from Alzheimers is likely to triple by the year 2050.
  • Chest Pain and Heart Palpitations – Often seen in patients with EHS, or any reaction to the EMFs around them, the feeling is similar to angina, when bloodflow is restricted to the heart. Less severe, but still symptomatic can be a fluttering or racing heartbeat.
  • Skin Reactions – Some people react with irritations to the skin like redness, tingling, or even a rash. This is most commonly present in the face and upper arms, but can present nearly anywhere on the body.

Read my full post on EMF exposure symptoms to learn more.

A Doctor named Sarah Starkey, in a report titled “Information Supporting UK Organizations Associated with the International EMF Alliance” said that:

Microwave radiation absorbed from tablet computers (Wi-Fi) positioned close to the body can be similar to that from mobile phones as they have similar maximum specific absorption rate (SAR) values.
Average maximum SAR for a sample of 358 digital mobile phones is 1.02 W/Kg in 1g tissue (; adult); iPad maximum SAR on Wi-Fi is 1.19 W/Kg in 1g tissue (iPad Information Guide; adult). Thus, wireless computers positioned close to the body could expose the users to similar levels of radiation as mobile phones.

If your iPad is enabled with 3g or 4g from your cellular carrier, it is likely to emit even more radiation, and more consistently as it continuously pings local cell towers to maintain a connection.

What Is A Safe Distance To Avoid iPad RadiationiPad Manual Excerpt

Unfortunately, no distance from an iPad will be both safe, and convenient for use. As you can see from the following image, iPads consistently emit EMFradiation, enough to “negatively effect the operation of other electronic equipment.” Apple suggests keeping the iPad at least 6 inches away at all times if you have a pacemaker or other medical device.

The important take away, is that distance really matters when it comes to EMF radiation. Even a matter of a few centimeters farther away can be exponentially safer. This is why cell phone manufacturers, hidden in the small print, suggest keeping your phone at least 3 inches away from your head at all times, because that distance significantly absorbs the amount of radiation being absorbed by your head and brain.

Try to get a case that has a foldable stand as part of the design, so that you can set the iPad farther away, and not have to hold it close to your face. For children, my personal opinion would be to either eliminate use, or strictly limit its use, as it is not much safer than having them use a cell phone for extended periods of time.

Ways To Protect Against iPad Radiation

  1. The safest thing you can do is to eliminate or dramatically reduce the use of the device, as any use will inevitably increase your exposure to EMF radiation
  2. If you or your children are using an iPad to do anything that doesn’t require an internet connection, be sure to turn the device on Airplane mode. This will disable the wifi and cellular connections and dramatically reduce the amount of radiation being emitted.
  3. Distance is KEY, the further you can be away from the device, the better.
  4. Get an EMF Meter! This is important for anyone that cares about safety from EMF radiation. With a quality EMF meter you can read the ambient radiation level in your home, as well as determining how much radiation is being emitted by various devices. This is also important when you’re looking to make changes, because you can actually determine if they’re working. I personally like and own the Trifield 100XE (read my review) or the Cornet ED78S (read my review).
  5. Get a radiation blocking case like the Defendershield on Amazon (I have not used this case, so be sure to read reviews and decide for yourself if it’s right for your device!)


iPads are essentially small, tablet sized, powerful computers. They have the negative EMF radiation dangers of both Cell phones, and Wifi connected computers, and are certainly not safe for extended use. They are however, extremely efficient and convenient devices that are used and loved by millions around the world. Just be sure that you are making smart, informed decisions when it comes to EMF radiation exposure, and doing your part to keep yourself and your family safe.

For a ton of tips about reducing radiation exposure, check out my article “11 Ways To Reduce Computer Radiation Exposure”, and “How To Eliminate EMFs In The Bedroom”.


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