5 Indoor Plants That Absorb Radiation

5 Indoor Plants That Absorb Radiation

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Plants are extremely powerful at providing a whole bunch of health benefits, and make you’re house look great while they’re doing it! My wife and I purchased our first home about 5 years ago, and we’ve been slowly adding different plants around it ever sense. Almost every time we get a new plant for our home, we do it because of a proven, or believed, health benefit. It has made our home feel like a health haven. Even though it might be slightly placebo, we certainly feel better surrounded by plants that are detoxifying the air and boosting our immune systems.

Some plants also are believed to help reduce and absorb harmful radiation, so i’m going to give you the five plants I think are best at doing just that.

Even better, some of the plants I talk about below can even be picked up on Amazon!

But first, let’s talk a bit about what makes having more plants in the home so great.

Reasons To Have More Plants In Your Home

Air Purification

NASA has plants on the International space station because they are so efficient at purifying air and improving air quality. Not only do they take carbon dioxide out of the air and turn it into fresh oxygen, many house plants also are very powerful at removing toxins from the air. NASA has done many massive studies on house plants and their various benefits. The researchers at Nasa recommend at least one plant for every 100 square feet in your home. So if you have a 2000 square foot home, you should shoot to have at least 20 house plants of different varieties.

They’re as Local as plants can get

The nice thing about almost any house plant, is that many are very easy to take care of. My wife and I have quite a few houseplants, and lately we’ve been getting more herbs that we can grow indoors. Occasionally my wife can just pull a few leaves or a sprig off of one of her herbs and use it to season a meal we’re making. This is as local as produce gets, and you can guarantee it’s quality and that it’s organic.

Believe it or not, you can now even get tiny versions of fruit trees, like apple, pineapple, pear, banana, fig and lots more to grow fruit right inside your house. Although be wary, some of these fruit trees take much more care than many other house plants or herbs.

Plants make a home

Having living things around you is extremely good for the soul. Filling a home with different varieties of plants has been shown over and over to dramatically improve mood and quality of life. Plants also give off all sorts of amazing aromas, and the scents can go a long way in improving the feel of your home. My wife and I have plants in every room of our house, and we’re constantly rearranging them to find the best places for each plant. Having a small cactus on your desk or a palm in the corner of your living room will brighten the energy of any home.

Ok, now let’s talk about a few of my favorite plants that are beneficial at absorbing EMF radiation.

5 Indoor Plants That Absorb Radiation

Cactus Absorb Computer Radiation
Cactus Absorb Computer Radiation

When NASA completed their massive study on house plants and their various benefits, one plant that made it out with quite a reputation is the cactus. NASA found that the cactus was quite efficient at absorbing EMF radiation. Since EMF radiation travels in a straight line for the most part, to be most effective you’d have to place the plant directly between you and your computer, or whatever device nearby is emitting EMF radiation. However, having cactus around your computer can be very powerful at absorbing ambient radiation bouncing around your office or bedroom, as well as helping absorb radiation coming from other sources or nearby cell towers. You can even pick up a cute little cactus collection that would be perfect for a home or office on Amazon.

Check out my guide on 11 Ways to Reduce EMF Radiation for more tips to protect you from your computer!

Betal Leaf Plant
Betal Leaf Plant

The Betal Leaf plant is really interesting when it comes to reducing radiation exposure, because it has actually been studied. Researchers at the department of bio-chemistry at the Graduate Institute of Basic medical Sciences, in Kolkata, India studied the extract of the betal leaf plant. They found that “The extract effectively … prevented radiation-induced DNA strand breaks in a concentration dependent manner.” Since the extract was proven to be able to protect DNA from radiation in certain conditions, it is also believed to be a highly effective plant at absorbing ambient radiation in your home or office.

Chlorophytumcomosum – Spider Plant
Chlorophytumcomosum - Spider Plant

Although most commonly known as the spider plant, or airplane plant, Chlorophytumcomosum is a fairly common type of succulent. The spider plant has been shown to have the ability to absorb a large amount of pollution, even cleaning out various harmful gasses such as formic acid and Aldehyde. Because of the spider plants amazing abilities at cleaning out pollution, it is also believed to be effective at absorbing forms of radiation in the home.


Scientists have found that the Sanseveira can harmlessly absorb over 100 different types of poison. They have also discovered that the sansevieria plant is an anti-pollutant, and can on occasion be used as an antidote to certain forms of radiation.

Stone Lotus Flower
Image result for stone lotus

The stone lotus flower has all kinds of benefits for air purifying, and is extremely convenient because it is the perfect size for the top of your desk. Many people also believe that the stone lotus flower is highly effective at absorbing some forms of radiation from the air. The stone lotus flower is a common essential oil because the health benefits of the plant are so powerful.

If you’re looking to reduce EMF radiation in your home, I would start with some EMF Protection Basics

Basics of EMF protection

The best thing you can do to protect yourself from harmful EMF radiation, is to start by getting rid of the sources. For this, I would recommend the following articles that all have fantastic detailed tips to do this around your home and office:

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Smart Meter EMF Protection – A Complete Guide

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11 Ways To Reduce Computer Radiation Exposure

Or, if you really want a detailed guide, I would check out Nicolas Pineault’s “A Non-Tinfoil Guide To EMFs” (This one does cost a few bucks, but is a comprehensive e-book”

After you get through reading some or all of these you should have a pretty good understanding of some of the best ways you can protect yourself from EMF radiation.

Some people also tout EMF shields and devices. In my experience, some of these work well, and some I really don’t have a good way of knowing. You can check what is available on Amazon by clicking Here, but just be sure to take time to read through the reviews and do your own research about the product before putting your trust in it.

In case you didn’t want to check out any of the posts above, and you’re still wondering “what is EMF protection,” i’ll just list out a few of my favorite EMF protection tips here:

  • Turn your cell phone off at night, or if you use it for your alarm, put it in airplane mode.
  • If possible get rid of wireless in your home and connect your computers via Ethernet.
  • Get rid of your microwave.
  • Protect yourself from your Smart Meter, as these are extremely dangerous
  • Limit you and your families use of cell phones, tablets, and laptop computers.
  • When using your cell phone, try to use speakerphone or headphones, don’t use your cellphone against your head.

There are so many more to list, so if you’re still interested check out some of the articles I listed above.

I hope you enjoyed my list 5 Indoor Plants That Absorb Radiation. Although not all of these plants have been completely proven to absorb radiation exposure, they all have amazing health benefits that have actually been proven. Regardless of the reason, getting a bunch more plants for your home or office can’t possibly be a mistake! Make your house a healthier home, and fill it with plants.

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