11 Ways To Reduce EMF and Dirty Electricity Exposure

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Technology as completely changed the world around us. From the cell phone in our pocket, to the computer we use for work, to baby monitors and dimmer switches, technology has made our lives more efficient and convenient. With this convenience, however, comes a detriment to our health and safety. This is primarily due to EMF (electromagnetic frequency) radiation coming from these devices. These devices also often produce dirty electricity (see my full post on dirty electricity), which is leftover electricity in your wiring. This dirty electricity is produced when modern electronics manipulate the wiring in our buildings in ways they were not meant for, producing electricity that can’t be used. This unused electricity produces EMF radiation.

I’ve put together a short list of a few tips you can implement today to lower your exposure to EMFs and Dirty Electricity

Luckily for you, there are plenty of things you can do right away to limit your exposure, here is a list of just some of them

1. Get an EMF Meter.

An EMF meter will become an invaluable resource for you when you’re trying to make your home or business a safer place. My favorite is the Trifield Meter (read my review), or you can check it out on Amazon. This meter, as many others do, will show you a reading for magnetic fields, electric fields, and radio/microwave waves. As you’re walking around you’re home, you’ll be able to tell what kind of radiation, and how much, is coming from the devices in your home. As well, you’ll be able to see how much ambient radiation your home is receiving from nearby homes and cellphone towers. This meter will be a valuable tool for you to find the radiation in your home, and make changes to make it a safer place.

2. Turn off the Circuit Breaker in your bedroom

First, make sure that it is not connected to critical things like smoke or fire alarms, your refrigerator, etc. If it isn’t, consider turning off the circuit breaker for your bedroom at night. This will ensure less EMF radiation and dirty electricity in your bedroom, and give you a safer more restful nights sleep. For more things you can do to get a better nights sleep and lower EMFs, check out this post.

3. Use shielded extension cords in your home when possible
4. Get rid of electronics that would be obviously dangerous to have on or near your body.

These include things like electric blankets, heating pads, spring mattresses (significant conductors of electricity and can act like a satellite for ambient radiation.

5. Reposition your bed and bedroom

If possible, reposition the bedroom in your house to be as far away from power lines and smart meters. Both of these, but especially smart meters, produce a significant amount of EMF radiation, and you will be better off being farther away from it. If you’re unable to move your whole bedroom, at least consider reposition your bed to be as far away as possible.

Also, it is important when possible to move your bed a foot or so away from the wall. The wiring in the wall behind your headboard likely is radiation dirty electricity, and should be kept away from your head when possible.

6. When possible, replace electronics with battery operated versions.

A great example is your alarm clock. If possible replace you’re plug in digital alarm clock with a simple analog battery operated one, which your EMF meter will show you is much safer to have near your head while you sleep. I like this one from Amazon (warning, very loud).

7. Stop using bluetooth headsets

I wrote a post on how wireless headphones emit radiation, you can read it here. Bluetooth headsets, although convenient, emit an alarming amount of radiation. At least use a simple set of wired headphones. Better yet, use a pair of air-pods, which emit 99% less radiation than traditional earphones. They use hollow tubes to bring the sound from the device, to the headphones, without wiring or electronics. The sound quality is still quite good. My favorite pair can be found on Amazon.

8. Don’t sleep next to your cellphone

Sleeping with your cellphone next to your bed, or under your pillow, has to be one of the absolute worst things you can do. The best things you can do, is not even bring your phone into the bedroom. Rely on your battery powered alarm clock to wake you up, and recognize you don’t HAVE to scroll endlessly through Instagram before you fall asleep. If you can’t stand this, at least turn your cell phone on airplane mode, or better yet, turn it off, when you’re done with it.

9. Use Less Wifi

I get it, I have a Wifi router in my home. It’s all but impossible to have a convenient home without wifi, but you need to understand it’s quite harmful. Whenever possible, connect your laptop or desktop to an ethernet connection and avoid using wifi. Also, whenever you don’t need the wifi in your home, turn the router off if possible, as the range of your wifi connection is also the range of the radiation it’s giving off.

10. Swap out your lightbulbs

CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs) are one of the number one producers of dirty electricity. These bulbs use high frequency AC electricity instead of standard 60 Hertz. This allows these bulbs to be more energy efficient, however, in order to accomplish this, the CFL bulbs use an electronic ballast  to “chop up” the sine waves, creating spikes and surges of electricity. This produces dirty electricity and is quite harmful. Instead, just use older style incandescent light bulbs.

11. Get rid of dimmer switches

Dimmer switches allow us to control the level of brightness of lightbulbs by adjusting a slider or turning a knob. The only way this is possible with 50 Hertz wiring systems, is for these dimmers to turn the flow of the electrical current “on” and “off” thousands of times every second. For the highest brightness it does this very quickly, and much slower for dimmer light. This breaks up the typical electrical flow and produces Dirty electricity.


If this list was helpful, or taught you anything at all, please consider sharing it! This is a subject that more people need to understand, and you can do your part to get the word out!

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