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Yshield EMF Paint Review – Does It Work?

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When my wife and I started researching EMF radiation more in depth, and looked at ways to protect ourselves and our family, one of the first things we did was take care of our Smart Meter (See my Complete Guide to Smart Meter Protection). After putting a faraday cage shield over the meter, we felt like it wasn’t sufficiently protecting the back side of the meter, which was directly opposite one of our bedrooms. I began researching what we could do, and came across Yshield EMF paint. Let me walk you through what I learned and what my experience was.

If you’re just looking for where to buy Yshield EMF paint, you can pick it up on Amazon.

How Does Yshield EMF Paint Work? Full Review

When my wife and I bought the paint, we were a little bit surprised that it was a deep black (shouldn’t have been surprised, it tells you the color in the description, silly us!), but it actually painted on quite nicely. The paint itself is a pure silicate paint based on potassium silicate. It doesn’t have any toxic chemicals, solvents or other ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about that at all. I thought it might paint on a bit odd since it was a highly technical paint, but it painted on just as easy as anything. Spills also wiped up just as easy, and because the paint is black, it’s really easy to tell where you painted too thin.  It is highly effective at protecting against high frequency EMF, and low frequency radio fields and microwaves.

Be sure you paint at least two coats, as the manufacturer recommends. the chart below from the manufacturer shows you how much more protective each coat is.

Yshield EMF protection paint

It is intended, rightfully so, to be a primer coat of paint. Although it is a deep black, and took us a few coats to get it covered back up, so beware of that. Be sure to use a water-based emulsion paint or silicon resin paint, as that is what the manufacturer recommends you paint over the top of it with. The technical specs say it offers protection for frequencies all the way up to 18 GHz, so even as technology continues to advance, you won’t have to worry about the protection being less effective.

Grounding the Paint

This is extremely important. If you’re using the Yshield EMF paint to protect your home from a smart meter, or ambient EMF’s, or a neighbor’s Wifi, etc, it is really important that you purchase a quality EMF meter to test the radiation so you can be sure the paint is actually helping. My favorite EMF meters are the Trifield 100XE (read my full review) and the Cornet ED78S (read my full review).

They sell a grounding cable, and a grounding plate for this purpose. Please read the manufacturers instructions for the best and safest way to ground the paint, but be sure to do so, as it will not be effective without it!

Yshield EMF Paint Size Options

YShield 1 Liter1 Liter Bottle (Covers 81 Sq Ft.) – This is the size that my wife and I bought, as we only wanted to paint the one wall directly opposite our smart meter, It is fairly expensive for how much paint you get, but it accomplished what we bought it for. You can purchase it on Amazon.



Yshield 5 liter bucket5 Liter Bucket (Covers 405 Sq Ft.) – This is the largest size Yshield sells for their HSFS4. The 5 liter bucket should be enough to cover an entire side of your home, or several rooms, but be sure to measure before purchasing so you know how much to order! You can purchase it on Amazon.


My Experience with Yshield EMF Protection Paint

Overall my wife and I found the paint easy to use and apply, and easy to clean up. Figuring out the grounding took a little bit of research and work, so i’d suggest possibly consulting with an electrician if you don’t feel confident after reading the manufacturers instructions. It helped us complete the job of securing the smart meter on our home. We plan to order more in the future for a few other projects in our home. A few things to remember before you order the paint:

  1. Be sure to measure the space before you order, and make certain you account for more than 1 coat.
  2. Be SURE to ground the paint, because it won’t be very effective without doing so. Most people recommend grounding either to the earth or to an electrical socket, but be sure to consult the manufacturer instructions for this.
  3. Yshield paint WILL block cell phone and cell tower connections, as well as wifi. So be sure to account for this if you have a router in one room of your house, as the paint will block the connection if it is between the router and your devices.

Our experience with the paint was very positive, but if you’re looking for more peoples opinions, be sure to read the reviews and Q&A On Amazon.

I hope you enjoyed this Yshield EMF Paint Review, if you did, be sure to let me know what your experience was!

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