Do X-Rays Emit EMF Radiation?

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Do X-Rays Emit EMF Radiation? To answer your question very briefly, yes they absolutely do emit a very large amount of electromagnetic radiation, but lets dive into the question a bit deeper.

NOTE: I am not a doctor or medical professional, and do not provide medical advice. Readers are advised to do their own research and make decisions in partnership with their health care provider. If you are pregnant, nursing, have a medical condition or are taking any medication, please consult your physician. Nothing you read here should be relied upon to determine dietary changes, a medical diagnosis or any course of treatment.

What Really Is an X-Ray?

X-Rays were first discovered in 1895 by a German scientist named Wilhelm Rontgen (in fact in many languages, an Xray is referred to as Rontgen Radiation). Rontgen is credited with discovering X-rays because he was the first scientist to really study them. He came up with the term X-ray because it used an unknown (x) amount of radiation.

Today we understand that X-rays are a very intense form of Electromagnetic radiation with a very short wavelength capable of penetrating nearly any substance that is opaque to light.

Now we know that X-rays are a very commonly used diagnostic test, but knowing how intense the EMF radiation is, we have to ask, are they dangerous?

Are X-Rays Dangerous? Do X Rays Emit EMF Radiation?

in 1985 scientists John W. Gofman and Egan O’Connor studied X-rays extensively and found a clear connection between them and many health problems. Since then there has been many research done confirming this connection and showing that exposure to the EMF radiation from X-rays causes health issues over time. Another study by the Journal of The American Medical Association found that exposure to dental x-rays for pregnant women may attribute to low birth weight on newborn babies.

In another study published in the British Journal of Radiology found that the x-rays used in Mammograms are “…approximately 4 times, but possibly as much as 6 times more effective in causing mutational damage than higher energy X-rays.” In other terms, the EMF radiation from these x-ray tests is likely causing DNA damage that may result in an increased risk of developing breast cancer.

These findings are certainly completely consistent with the multitudes of research out there that exposure to EMF radiation is extremely harmful to the body, just check out the other articles on EMF Academy for more on this.

So the next question would have to be:

Are X-Rays Worse Than Cell Phone Radiation?

The tough part about answering this question is due to consistency of exposure. X-rays by themselves are certainly a more harmful form of Electromagnetic Field Radiation. This is primarily due to the fact that whereas most EMF radiation (i.e. cell phone radiation, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc, is non-ionizing radiation, X-Rays are ionizing radiation. This means that X-rays have the power to remove electrons from an atoms orbit, and therefore have the power to severely damage healthy cells.

Although X-rays are certainly more dangerous by themselves, our exposure to cell phone radiation is dramatically higher. We use our cell phones every day, right up to our head, in our laps, and in our hands, and this exposure over time has certain negative health effects.

How Do I Reduce My Exposure to X-Ray EMF Radiation?

First of all, anyone with that is more vulnerable or has a diminished immune system should try to avoid x-rays if possible (sometimes it is absolutely necessary, make your own decisions with your health care professional.)

If you must get an x-ray, try to call around do research about the clinic or hospital you plan to use, in general, the newer the x-ray equipment the better. The reason being that newer equipment uses far less radiation and still produces quality images.

Ok, so I’ve reduced my exposure to X-ray Radiation, now how do I lower my total exposure to EMF Radiation?

Basics of EMF protection

First of all ,when it comes to EMF protection, the most important thing you can do is clear away the sources of the radiation. To do that, I would start by checking out the EMF Academy articles below for some really detailed tips on how to do this around your house and around your office:

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11 Ways To Reduce Computer Radiation Exposure

On top of that, I really couldn’t recommend Nicolas Pineault’s “A Non-Tinfoil Guide To EMFs” (This one does cost a few bucks, but is a comprehensive e-book) much higher. It is a full book on EMF radiation protection and covers a ton of unique and interesting topics. ‘

Once you’ve finished reading through this stuff, you should have a really good idea of the best ways to protect you and your family from EMF radiation.

Some people also really believe in EMF shields and devices like that. In my experience and research, some of these have some real science and research behind them, but many do not. You can see what is available on Amazon by clicking Here, but make sure that you read the reviews and check out the websites of each product to look at what research they actually have published before you put much trust into it.

In case you didn’t want to check out any of the posts above, and you’re still wondering “what is EMF protection,” i’ll just list out a few of my favorite EMF protection tips here:

  • Turn your cell phone off at night, or if you use it for your alarm, put it in airplane mode.
  • If possible get rid of wireless in your home and connect your computers via Ethernet.
  • Get rid of your microwave.
  • Protect yourself from your Smart Meter, as these are extremely dangerous
  • Limit you and your families use of cell phones, tablets, and laptop computers.
  • When using your cell phone, try to use speakerphone or headphones, don’t use your cellphone against your head.

There are so many more to list, so if you’re still interested check out some of the articles I listed above.

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