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Does Copper Block EMF Radiation?

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I get the question, “Does Copper Block EMF Radiation?” fairly often, so I wanted to look into it.

First of all, to answer your question: Yes, Copper, usually in the form of copper mesh, will shield against most wave length radio frequency radiation and other EMF radiation. Copper is highly effective at blocking, or shielding, radio frequency radiation because it absorbs radio and magnetic waves.

Lets look into this a bit further.

Does Copper Block EMF Radiation?

Yes, in fact Copper is one of the absolute most reliable metals when it comes to blocking and shielding EMF radiation. This is primary due to it’s ability to attenuate magnetic and electrical waves. This has a multitude of common applications, such as hospital MRI machines in hospitals, computer equipment, server rooms, etc.

When it comes to blocking EMF radiation, you’ll often see copper used as a wire mesh, which will still act to completely block both radio and microwave radiation. How thick the copper mesh is doesn’t matter, what is important is that the holes are not any bigger than the shortest wavelength of the radio or microwave the mesh is attempting to block. This is often referred to as a faraday cage, and is often also made out of Aluminum Foil.

It is important to remember that although metals like copper and aluminum are effective at shielding against EMF radiation, they do not absorb it. These waves move in a straight line, so you are only protected if the metal is directly between you and the source of the radiation. This is why it is not smart to use things like EMF protection paint (read my article on that here) or copper in your house if you have things like wifi or other devices that generate a large amount of EMF radiation, because the waves will bounce around and the harm can be accelerated. However, using things like copper mesh are great at keeping ambient EMF radiation out of your home, and you’ll often see copper mesh as a screen on windows for exactly this purpose. You can even purchase a copper containing film that goes on your window on Amazon, that blocks EMF radiation without reducing visibility much at all.

Get an EMF Meter

This is why it is so important if you’re looking to better understand the amount, and type, of EMF radiation in your home, and want to make it a safe place, that you get a quality EMF meter.  I personally have, and really like, the Trifield 100XE (read my review) or the Cornet ED78S (read my review). With a meter like one of these, you can move around your home or office, and understand just how much EMF radiation is being emitted.  This is also really helpful when you’re trying to implement changes to reduce this radiation because you’ll know if it’s actually making a difference.

If you take a minute and read my posts on EMFs In The Bedroom or 11 Ways To Eliminate EMF Exposure, you’ll gain a much more complete understanding of how you can use an EMF meter to make positive changes in your home.

Other EMF Blocking Metals

Copper is really effective metal at shielding against EMF radiation, which is why you see it in many hospital or IT applications, however it is not the least expensive option. For that, I would go with aluminum foil or aluminum mesh. For more on that read my article on Aluminum Blocking EMF Radiation.There are other metals that work well for this purpose or when building faraday cages. The other metals that you see most commonly would be Iron, and Steel. This is the reason that often times in buildings with significant steel framing, you will have various dead spots where you won’t receive a cellphone signal.


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