EMF Radiation In Cars

EMF Radiation In Cars – Should You Be Worried?

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As the technology in our cars continue to advance, the radiation danger of these same cars increases. Friends I know recently bought a brand new 2017 Toyota Rav4, and although the car is beautiful, I couldn’t help but notice all the electronics. Surrounded by cameras to give a 360 degree view around the car, a huge screen to display everything, electronics in and around the seats. All of these things provide amazing conveniences and safety features, but the amount of radiation being emitted is immense.

Although most cars burn gas and oil for energy, the amount of electronics in our cars is growing with every new model. If you own an electric or hybrid car, this danger is even greater.

The other large problem is that when you’re inside of a car, the metal casing of the vehicle tends to keep this radiation trapped within, or at least bounce a good portion of it around. This is called the Faraday cage effect, and has shown to dramatically magnify the amount of radiation.

Let’s walk through why EMF radiation in our cars is a concern, and what we can do about it.

EMF Radiation In Your Car

EMF radiation from the electronics in your car will have both short-term and long-term health effects. Common symptoms and health issues of EMF Exposure are:

  • Glioma and other brain cancers
  • Male and Female Infertility (see my post for more on this)
  • Mood Disorders
  • Childhood Cancers
  • Heart Disease
  • Severe depression
  • Heart Disease
  • Anxiety
  • Muscle Pain
  • and much more

For a much more in depth look at common and uncommon symptoms, check out my full post on EMF Exposure Symptoms.

Another common issue with EMF radiation in cars is drowsiness. If you’re read my post on EMF radiation in the bedroom, you’ll know that excess radiation in the bedroom causes all kind of issues with sleep. When it comes to radiation in the car, this can result in drowsiness while driving. A study by the Scripps Clinic in California determined that a high amount of radiation in automobiles caused drivers to fall asleep 52 minutes quicker than drivers who were not exposed to these high levels.

Do Hybrid Cars Have Higher Levels of EMF Radiation?

Generally speaking, hybrid cars will exposure passengers and drivers to higher amounts of EMF radiation. This is primarily from the large batteries in the front and rear of the car. These batteries utilize the much more harmful alternating current (AC) instead of the more commonly found direct current (DC). See my post on Dirty Electricity for an in depth look at why this type of electricity is more dangerous.

Let’s take a closer look at the sources of EMF radiation in normal and hybrid cars.

Sources of EMF Radiation In Cars

  1. The Battery – Most car batteries are a form of DC power, and do not typically emit EMF Radiation consistent with AC power. However, they often will emit a powerful temporary field of DC voltage when changing currents, such as when the vehicle first starts. People that are especially EMF sensitive (suffer from EHS) are likely to respond to this.
  2. Vehicle Relay Switches – Many operations in the vehicle will cause these relay switches to fire, such as pressing the break, turning on the hazard lights, flipping a turn signal, etc. These relay switches create magnetic field radiation.
  3. Vehicle Computer Systems – These should be self explanatory. Any type of computer system will emit a large amount of EMF radiation. Both the on board computer that controls the media system, as well as engine compartment computers will emit radiation.
  4. Electric Engines – Most vehicles have small electric engines that control things like windows and wiper blades that will emit a small amount of radiation.
  5. Alternator – The vehicle alternator is one of the largest sources of EMF radiation. Most commonly found in the far side of the engine compartment, the alternator creates dirty electricity and EMF radiation as it alters the electrical waves to fit the needs of the vehicle.
  6. Key-less Entry Systems and Start Systems – Many new vehicles now no longer require a key, but instead rely on radio waves from the remote control key, and a push button to start the vehicle. These more advanced systems utilize both radio waves, and Bluetooth radiation  to control these systems, both of which emit EMF radiation.
  7. On Board Wifi – Wifi creates an enormous amount of radiation (read more about that here). Many vehicles are now coming equipped with Wifi routers built in so that families can be connected without having to rely on cell towers. This is EXTREMELY harmful as it produces an enormous amount of harmful radiation in very close proximity.
  8. Alarm Systems – Also utilizing radio waves, these alarm systems produce EMF radiation.

Although many of these only create a small amount of EMF radiation, the cumulative effect is quite large. Combine that with the fact that a metal box like a car has amplifying effects on radiation as it bounces around and accumulates.

How To Reduce EMF Radiation In Your Vehicle

  1. Try to select vehicles with the least amount of electronics and built in computers systems. This will typically be older vehicles. Be sure you are not compromising other safety features by doing this such as modern airbag and other safety systems.
  2. Reduce radiation by choosing vehicles with simpler sound systems. Systems that utilize subwoofers and large speakers will inevitably produce much more EMF radiation. Tip: On the settings of your sound system, adjust it so that the rear speakers are providing most of the sound. This may lower the quality some, but will reduce the EMF exposure by increasing the distance between you and the speakers producing the sound.
  3. Avoid purchasing a vehicle, or using, remote control systems when possible. If you already have a vehicle with these systems, try to hold the remote out a distance from your body when you use it.
  4. Try to select vehicles without the large LCD display screens. Not only is the light distracting and harmful, especially to those with EHS, but the radiation from the computers system can be quite significant. In most vehicles with these types of screens, you can not turn the screen itself off, but you may be able to have a technician retrofit an on/off switch.
  5. Avoid vehicles with built in Wifi. Many new vehicles have a Wifi router built in. This is probably one of the most harmful things that car manufacturers could have done, as the amount of radiation coupled with the close proximity is extremely harmful.
  6. Try to pick vehicles with limited amounts of Bluetooth gadgets.
  7. Do not use your cell phone in the car. This should be self explanatory, as it is not only distracting and dangerous, but also produces EMF radiation. Turn your phone on airplane mode, or better yet, turn it off until you get to your destination.

Measuring EMF Radiation In Your Vehicle


First of all, you will need a good EMF meter. This is extremely important for a lot of reasons, but will be crucial for any step to reducing radiation. Having a quality EMF meter will allow you to determine what kind of radiation is being emitted by your vehicle, and how much This will also be crucial in understanding how different changes are improving this. I would suggest either the Cornet ED78S (read my review), or the Trifield 100XE read my review).

Then, get a journal or a piece of paper, and use your EMF meter to get readings while the vehicle is running. Note how much RF, magnetic, and electric field radiation is being absorbed at different areas, such as your chest height, head height etc for both the driver side and passenger side. Note these amounts down. Then test the same spots with different systems on and off in order to gain a complete understanding of how you can reduce the radiation in your car. It may also be helpful to make a cell phone call while you are testing to see how much this increases the radiation.


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