Cornet ED78S EMF Meter Review – Why It’s Worth It

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I just purchased the Cornet ED78S a few months ago and have been using it frequently since. Previously I was using the Trifield 100xe (Read my review here), and really liked it, but I wanted to get a quality digital meter that would be efficient at measuring radio frequency and magnetic radition. You’d probably be surprised how fun (and also a bit scary) it is to walk around your home or office and see how much radiation various things are giving off.

If you’re just wanting to know if it’s worth it, and where to buy it, i’ll save you some time:

Yes it is, and you can pick it up on Amazon

Otherwise, stick around for my in depth review:

Tech Specs of the Cornet ED78S EMF Meter

Sensors: Electrical Field and Magnetic FieldCornet ED78S EMF Meter
RF Frequency Range: 100 MHz to 8GHZ
RF Peak Power: 0.5 uw/m² to 1.8 w/m2
Gauss Meter Frequency Range: 50Hz to 10 KHz
Display Type: Digital LCD display
Supported Units of Measurement: dBm, mw/m², v/m, uT, mG
Data Update: Display Updates twice per second
Sampling Rate: 3500/sec
Error Rate:  3.5dBm
Safety Indications: 3 safety ranges indicated by red LED on the right side of the screen
Batteries: Requires a 9V, but the batteries are not included
Battery Life: > 20 hours

What Does The Cornet ED78S EMF Meter Measure?

The Cornet measures radio frequency radiation, and magnetic field radiation. It does not, however, measure electrical field radiation like the Trifield EMF Meter does. It does do an extremely good job accurately measuring RF and Magnetic field radiation.

Here are some of the things you can and should measure with the Cornet ED78S

RF Radiation:

  • Cell Phones
  • Tablets like the iPad or Kindle Fire etc.
  • Ambient EMFs from local cellphone towers
  • Your home router and modem
  • Cordless Telephones
  • Bluetooth devices
  • Gaming console with wireless remotes
  • Wireless security systems
  • and much more.

Magnetic Field Radiation:
This would be things like the electrical wiring in your home (see my guide on Dirty Electricity for more on this), as well as local power lines or wiring around or entering your home.

Things to like about the Cornet ED78S EMF Meter

Audio Readings: I absolutely love being able to hear the audio of RF radiation, it helps you visualize it in a way that a numerical reading does not. It is also helpful for understanding devices that are giving off a very small, but still harmful, amount of radiation. Although the Cornet ED78s is extremely sensitive, being able to hear the audio is really important.

How do you turn on the sound on the Cornet ED78S

I did find that it wasn’t super user friendly to figure out how to turn the sound on, but I did eventually figure it out. To turn the sound on, you just push the hold button once, then the button right above it twice. You will then see an S on the display, and you will now have sound. Push the hold button again to see the current readings.

Histogram Function: This might be my favorite feature of the Cornet. The last 32 readings that you’ve taken will display in a small box on the right hand side of the LCD display, which can be really helpful in comparative readings.

Digital Display: After having the Trifield 100XE for a while (which I really do like) it was nice to move to a more sensitive meter with a digital display whose readings I can rely on a bit more accurately. Measuring magnetic fields between 0.1 mG and 10mG, and RF radiation between 100 MHz to 8GHZ is very accurate.

Batteries: Just take a simple 9v battery, and for that lasts nearly 20 hours (bit closer to 15 in my experience).

A few things I didn’t like about the Cornet ED78S EMF Meter

Display Light: The illumination of the LCD, by default, turns off after just a few seconds. For a few days this was extremely annoying, as even in daylight the display can be a little hard to read when it’s not illuminated. Luckily, after a few days I figured out that you can turn set the display light to stay on by pushing the hold button, then the button right above it once. The light will stay on, but beware the battery will drain quite a bit quicker. To return the display to the default settings just push the hold button again.

Magnetic Field Radiation Units: It gives you the measurement for Magnetic radiation in Tesla, which is not helpful as most information sources out there when it comes to EMF radiation (Including EMF Academy), talk about it in milligauss. You have to look at the really small numbers underneath the Tesla units to get the milligauss readings.

No EF Radiation Reading: I think the Cornet would be the almost perfect mid-level EMF meter if it would only measure Electric Field radiation as well.

Final Thoughts On the Cornet ED78S EMF Meter

I’ve had the Cornet for almost 3 months now, and so far i’ve found very little I didn’t like about the meter. For it’s price, I think it’s one of the best meters you can get, and it is especially effective at measuring RF radiation.

I think almost anyone that is interesting in protecting themselves or their families from EMF radiation should have a quality EMF meter, and I think the Cornet ED78S is about as good as it gets.

I picked ours up on Amazon, click here to check out the current price. 

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